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Inside Trump’s ‘cyborg’ Twitter army

When Donald Trump confronted revelations that he used money from his charitable foundation to settle private legal disputes and purchase portraits of himself, a tireless army of tweeters went to work to keep the focus on Hillary Clinton’s foundation instead. Then Trump stumbled on a debate question about why he refuses to release his taxes,…

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Stay Woke with Help From a Bot

For DeRay Mckesson and his fellow Black Lives Matter activists, Twitter is a double-edged sword. The social media platform has made it easy for Mckesson to post messages, amass a dedicated digital following (half a million strong, and growing), and influence real-world events. But Twitter has also become a burden as Mckesson and other movement…

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Beware the Brexit bots: The Twitter spam out to swing your vote

Watch out for the ballot bots. As the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union draws near, researchers are increasingly concerned about automated social media accounts that might be trying to sway the vote. Philip Howard at Oxford University and Bence Kollanyi at Corvinus University have discovered bot accounts furiously sharing and promoting messages…

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These ‘bots’ could sway the Brexit vote

Automated social media accounts are being used by both sides in the Brexit debate, a new report shows, with some experts fearing that a sudden surge in activity by the “bots” could influence the referendum vote. Researchers from Oxford University and Budapest’s Corvinus University have found that bots are playing a “small but strategic role”…

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How Twitter Bots Could Sway the Outcome of the Presidential Election

In the midst of the most unprecedented election season in recent history, questioning the political power of technology is now more important than ever. Over on Wired, Samuel Wooley and Phil Howard investigated how social platform’s could be changing the course of history with propaganda bots. Elsewhere, Twitter was recently accused of purposefully pulling a…

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Bots Unite to Automate the Presidential Election

DONALD TRUMP UNDERSTANDS minority communities. Just ask Pepe Luis Lopez, Francisco Palma, and Alberto Contreras. These guys are among the candidate’s 7 million Twitter followers, and each tweeted in support of Trump after his victory in the Nevada caucuses earlier this year. The problem is, Pepe, Francisco, and Alberto aren’t people. They’re bots—spam accounts that…

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Presentation at Yale Law School

Project collaborators Phil Howard and Sam Woolley presented a coauthored paper, “Campaign Bots & The Law”, authored by Ryan Calo, Lisa Manheim, Sam Woolley and Phil Howard. It was presented at the Yale Information Society Project’s “Unlocking the Black Box” conference, and we identify the ways in which bots, when used by political campaign managers,…

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Prezi: Campaign Bots & The Law

Here is an interactive Prezi on our recent paper “Campaign Bots & The Law”, authored by Ryan Calo, Lisa Manheim, Sam Woolley and Phil Howard.  We identify the ways in which bots, when used by political campaign managers, may make politicians run afoul of election and campaign regulations.

We’re in a Bot Gold Rush. Kik tells you how to strike it rich.

Quinn Brenner was living a nightmare. Her mother passed away. She was rejected from drama school. Then, as she was leaving an audition, she was hit by a car. After flat-lining, Quinn managed to survive, waking up in the hospital with two broken legs. Throughout this grueling recovery, her phone was her only connection to…

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Les bots informatiques : énigmes légales dans un avenir rempli de robots

Selon Andrew Leonard, journaliste et auteur du livre Bots : The Origin of New Species, un bot est « un programme informatique autonome supposé intelligent, doué de personnalité, et qui habituellement, mais pas toujours, rend un service ». On peut penser au bot informatique comme à un assistant personnel qui s’occupe de tâches fastidieuses pour…

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