The Computational Propaganda Project

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: International Law and the Future on Online PsyOps

Recent years have seen an explosion of activity from states and non-state actors seeking to manipulate online political discourse at home and abroad. These efforts have leveraged a range of different techniques, from the use of swarms of automated bots to the systemic spreading of misleading or outright fabricated information through social media. Most dramatically,…

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Prezi: Campaign Bots & The Law

Here is an interactive Prezi on our recent paper “Campaign Bots & The Law”, authored by Ryan Calo, Lisa Manheim, Sam Woolley and Phil Howard.  We identify the ways in which bots, when used by political campaign managers, may make politicians run afoul of election and campaign regulations.

Les bots informatiques : énigmes légales dans un avenir rempli de robots

Selon Andrew Leonard, journaliste et auteur du livre Bots : The Origin of New Species, un bot est « un programme informatique autonome supposé intelligent, doué de personnalité, et qui habituellement, mais pas toujours, rend un service ». On peut penser au bot informatique comme à un assistant personnel qui s’occupe de tâches fastidieuses pour…

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