The Computational Propaganda Project

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Hey politicians — don’t hate the internet, hate the game

Project members Sam Woolley and Nick Monaco wrote an opinion piece about bot regulation for TechCrunch. Policymakers’ animus against the internet isn’t new: it’s part of a long trend of suspicion about this medium that challenges all media. Their feelings toward regulation of the web are often muddied by broader trends of political ambivalence toward the actual…

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We the…Bots & Trolls

Project member Nick Monaco was interviewed on PBS about his Taiwanese case study. Find the full video here.

Computational Propaganda in Taiwan: Where Digital Democracy Meets Automated Autocracy

As part of our new country case study series, project member Nick Monaco investigated computational propaganda in Taiwan. Abstract: Taiwan is a country with a rich history and cultural ties to mainland China. Though there has been much research and effort dedicated to propaganda and censorship in the People’s Republic of China over the years,…

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