The Computational Propaganda Project

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

What to watch for when America’s tech giants testify on Russian hacking today

Sam Woolley and Doug Guilbeault wrote an article for Quartz which provides a breakdown of the recent testimony provided to congressional intelligence committees by Facebook, Twitter, and Google to the Senate. This week Twitter, Facebook, and Google will testify publicly before the US Congress about how the Russian government manipulated public opinion during the 2016 US election….

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Twitter has a serious bot problem, and Wikipedia might have the solution

Robert Gorwa wrote a new commentary essay for Quartz on Twitter’s bot policy. Several research projects, including the Computational Propaganda Project at the Oxford Internet Institute (where I am a researcher), the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Lab, and the Observatory on Social Media at Indiana University have begun to document the central role of bot accounts in spreading hyper-partisan and misleading “news,”…

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Congress is investigating how Twitter bots may have influenced the US election

Robert Gorwa spoke to Quartz about the Senate’s investigation into Twitter and bots during the 2016 US Presidential election. Twitter executives will be grilled tomorrow morning (Sept. 28) on Capitol Hill by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is probing Russia’s meddling in the US presidential election. The main focus of the questioning will…

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Watch out for the Brexit bots

The project’s research into the Brexit referendum was covered in Quartz. As the Brexit vote draws closer, undecided voters will need to make up their minds. Some will turn to friends and family. Others will turn to news channels. A piece of advice: Whatever you do, avoid Twitter. Out of 1.5 million tweets between June…

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