The Computational Propaganda Project

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Tinder nightmares: the promise and peril of political bots

Project members Robert Gorwa and Doug Guilbeault published an article in Wired about the recent use of Tinder bots to target young swing voters in the lead up to the UK’s General Election. In the days leading up to the UK’s general election, youths looking for love online encountered a whole new kind of Tinder…

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Twitter and Facebook have become ‘vessels of propaganda and manipulation’

Our recent case study series was profiled in Wired: A study from the Oxford Internet Institute warns that social networks have to do more to stymie the tide of fake news, which damages our democracies. … The researchers looked at content manipulation in Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States,…

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How Bots, Twitter, and Hackers Pushed Trump to the Finish Line

The project’s research on the 2016 US election was covered in Wiired. Following the third debate, automated pro-Trump accounts on Twitter pumped out seven times more messages than pro-Clinton accounts. Most of these accounts, it turned out, were powered by chatbots: the newest tool in computational propaganda. “It’s definitely one of the most significant digital aspects of this…

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The Political Twitter Bots Will Rage This Election Day

  The project’s research on the 2016 US election was covered in Wired. But how many of these are bots? According to Sam Woolley, a researcher from Oxford University’s Project on Computational Propaganda (which has not been peer reviewed), about 50 to 55 percent of Clinton’s Twitter activity—the likes, follows, and retweets she gets—is from bots, which…

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Bots Unite to Automate the Presidential Election

Phil Howard and Sam Woolley wrote an article on the 2016 US election for Wired Magazine. But as the power of bots grows, so does the capacity for misuse. Bots now pollute conversations around topics like #blacklivesmatter and #guncontrol, interrupting productive debate with outpourings of automated hate. We’ve seen antivaccination bots reach out to parents…

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