Norah Abokhodair

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Norah Abokhodair is a Ph.D. student in the University of Washington Information School. She is a passionate and a collaborative researcher in Information Privacy and cross-cultural privacy design. Norah’s research focuses on non-western users of globally-distributed sociotechnical platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Currently, her PhD dissertation focuses on understanding how non-western users of social media conceptualize privacy, security, and freedom of expression. Specifically,  she is focusing on Saudi Arabian youth living between Saudi Arabia and the USA. Some of her previous projects focused on the role of social media in the Arab spring, for example, Egypt and Syria. Norah arrived to the University of Washington in 2009 from Saudi Arabia after receiving the Fulbright Science Award. She holds a Masters degree in Information Management from the University of Washington Information School and a Computer Science Degree from King Saudi University in Riyadh. She worked on the project as a Research Assistant from 2014-2016.

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