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//Presentations & Talks

Here is a selection of presentations, talks, and television interviews from our team members.

The ComProp Navigator: A resource guide for civil society

The ComProp Navigator is a new online resource guide for civil society groups looking to better deal with the problem of disinformation. Users select their areas of concern, and the site directs them to free online resources, curated by civil society practitioners and ComProp researchers. ...

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Panel discussion: Nahema Marchal at the Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Research Lab’s 360/OS summit (Video)

On June 20-21, the Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Research Lab (@DFRLab) hosted its 360/OS summit in London, England. 360/OS convenes journalists, activists, innovators, and leaders from around the world as part of a grassroots digital solidarity movement fighting for objective truth as a foundation of ...

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Lisa-Maria Neudert provides expert commentary for Germany’s Digital Agenda Committee

Lisa-Maria Neudert was one of six invited experts who took part in a public debate on Wednesday, 10 April 2019 in German Parliament. Lisa-Maria Neudert vom Oxford Internet Institute berichtete, dass das Thema Desinformation zwar im politischen Mainstream Deutschlands angekommen sei, man sich aber immer noch in der Phase der ...

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Phil Howard Provides Testimony for Senate Intelligence Committee

ComProp Principal Investigator, Professor Phil Howard, was in DC this week providing testimony for the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The submitted written testimony, "Foreign Influence on Social Media Platforms: Perspectives from Third Party Social Media Experts" can be viewed online, along with a recording ...

2018-08-03T17:05:27+01:00August 2nd, 2018|Impact, In the News, Presentations & Talks|

Palo Alto Talk: Truth and Trust in Times of Junk News

The past year has been dominated by stories of how junk news has influenced major political decisions on both sides of the Atlantic. Algorithms, automation and social media have become powerful tools for social movements, but also effective tools for social control. This short talk will ...

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European Commission Multi-stakeholder Conference on Fake News

Lisa-Maria Neudert represented the project on a panel at the European Commission's recent Multi-stakeholder Conference on Fake News, part of a large-scale consultation process on fake news currently being organized by the European Union. A full video of the event, including the panel featuring our research, is ...

2017-11-18T18:59:05+00:00November 18th, 2017|In the News, Presentations & Talks|

Caught in the propaganda crossfire? Bots on social media.

Lisa-Maria Neudert gave a talk at re:publica 2017 in Berlin. Computational propaganda – the use of information technologies for political manipulation – is on the rise. Social bots are crucial instruments in digital attacks: During the US elections 20% of all Twitter traffic was generated ...

2017-05-25T02:15:17+01:00May 25th, 2017|Presentations & Talks|