Project team members are often presenting at workshops, conferences, and panels covering our work. Please see below for a list of our upcoming events.

Summaries of some past events are also available on our Impact page.

Upcoming Events

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International Conference on Computational Social Science

Speakers: Dimitra Liotsiou, Philip N. Howard
Date: 9:00am, Wednesday 17 July - 12:00pm, Saturday 20 July, 2019
Location: Amsterdam

On Thursday 17 July, Mimie Liotsiou and Phil Howard will be presenting their poster on “Measuring the Influence of Online Misinformation: A Hierarchy of Social Media Data.” They propose a hierarchical typology of social media data, encoding the usefulness of each type of data for measuring the influence of online misinformation on actual election behavior. For each type of data, they also present how accessible social media platforms make it to external researchers.

See the full extended abstract here.

You can find a full list of the poster presentations here.